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4 Add-ons to Consider for Your Boat Insurance

When you own a boat in Elmer, NJ, the last thing you would want is an accident. Unfortunately, boating accidents are common, and that is why you need boat insurance from Sloan Insurance Agency. While boat insurance is superb, all coverages aren’t created equal. As such, here are add-ons or endorsements you should consider for your boat insurance:

  • Umbrella insurance: Are you a high-net-worth individual? Your status may attract lawsuits, putting your assets in jeopardy. That said, you need to invest in umbrella insurance to cover liability claims exceeding boat insurance. Umbrella insurance protects your assets and future income when you face significant claims beyond your boat insurance.
  • Uninsured boater insurance: If you have auto insurance, this insurance rings a familiar bell. Uninsured boater insurance protects you in hit-and-run scenarios and instances when you are hit by a boater who doesn’t have boat insurance. And given that boat insurance isn’t required in New Jersey, you will find many boaters without this coverage, making uninsured boater insurance a must-have policy.
  • Fuel spillage coverage: Federal law requires boaters to clean any oil spills, whether due to an accident or a sloppy oil change. In a bid to conserve the environment and avoid federal penalties, invest in fuel spillage coverage to clean off accidental oil spills.
  • Medical payments coverage: Even if you have health insurance, you need MedPay coverage to cover out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your health insurance. Plus, MedPay covers the passengers, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Need watercraft insurance in Elmer, NJ? Whether you use your boat to fish, sail, or cruise, you must invest in boat insurance to protect yourself and the vessel. Talk to Sloan Insurance Agency today, and we will help you purchase boat insurance that meets your unique needs.