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An Overview Of What A Contractors Insurance Policy Entails

Sloan Insurance Agency assists the Vineland and Elmer, NJ community, as well as the surrounding areas by offering residents multiple types of insurance policies. Our primary objective is to help our clients find the insurance coverage that they need to enjoy a comfortable life.

Contractors Insurance

New Jersey has a thriving economy, which is why it is an ideal place to start a business. Several contractors in the area have begun building properties. If you are a contractor or business owner in the area, contractors insurance is an asset. Business owners are able to protect their assets. The policy also covers business owners if a contractor is injured while working on the property.

Contractors use special equipment to complete some of these tasks. If they leave the equipment at the job site, the policy covers the equipment in the event that it is damaged or stolen. The policy also covers business owners who can avoid having to deal with a lengthy delay while the equipment is replaced.

Business owners can amend the policy to cover any vehicles that are used to transport different tools and materials. You can add special coverage for equipment such as ladders and forklifts. You can also amend your policy to include workers’ compensation coverage for the independent contractors.

If you are an electrician, carpenter, plumber, construction worker, or HVAC contractor, you should consider researching the benefits of contractors’ insurance. You face dangerous and unique risks daily as you work. Contractors insurance ensures that you will be protected in the event of an accident.

Sloan Insurance Agency Will Help You

If you are a contractor or a business owner looking to protect your assets, we will help you find the coverage that you need. Stop by our office in Elmer, NJ today!