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Winter Riding Tips

In New Jersey, like most northern states, motorcycling is typically a three-season thing. You get your bike out in the spring and put it away in the winter. But just as bicyclists keep churning away all winter long, there are also those dedicated souls to their motorized two-wheeled transportation.

Here are some tips for your winter riding from Sloan Insurance Agency. We serve Elmer, NJ with local pride.

Make Sure Your Helmet Is Ready For the Ride

Anyone who wears glasses knows that cold, moist air can fog your lenses, destroying visibility. Fortunately, winter helmets are available with electric defogging or an antifog layer on their visor, so you don’t have to stop.

Wear Cold Weather Gear

Spring and summer riding gear is designed to pass as much air as possible to keep you cool. In winter, cooling tactics can lead to hypothermia and frostbite. Frostbite is worse even than a burn. Protect yourself with warm clothes that resist the wind.

On The Road, Make Yourself Visible

Motorcycles have low visibility even in the best conditions. In the winter, you can be even harder to see. Wear high-contrast colors that pick up and reflect headlights so you can be easily seen while driving. Your life might ride on your color choices.

Pay Attention To Yourself

Cold weather can do a number on your reaction time and awareness, and on a long ride in the cold, you need to be prepared to stop in a warm place to warm up, maybe even several times. Your body is the most important thing you have, so protect it.

Winter motorcycle driving can be an exhilarating experience if you’re prepared for it. Talk to Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ for a free, no-obligation quote for your motorcycle policy.

Why Full Coverage Auto Insurance is the Best Option in Elmer, NJ

There are many reasons to have full coverage auto insurance, especially if you live in Elmer, NJ. This is because the state of New Jersey has particular requirements for car insurance, and full coverage is the best way to ensure that you meet those requirements. Here are all the reasons you should have full auto insurance coverage in Elmer, NJ:

Protect Yourself Financially

One of the most significant reasons to have comprehensive automobile insurance is to safeguard your finances. Full coverage will ensure that you are adequately compensated if you get into an accident. This type of insurance also covers any damage to your car due to weather or other conditions beyond your control.

Meet State Requirements

As mentioned, New Jersey has specific minimum insurance requirements that everyone who drives must meet. If they catch you going without meeting these conditions, you could face some pretty severe penalties. To avoid this, consider full coverage insurance.

Your Sloan Insurance Agency Elmer, NJ representative can help you understand the state’s insurance requirements and how full coverage can keep you in compliance.

Protect Your Investment

Your car is probably one of the most expensive investments ever. To protect that investment, you need to have full coverage auto insurance. This type of insurance will pay to repair or replace your car if it’s stolen or damaged in an accident.

Meet Lender’s Conditions

If you’re financing your car, your lender will require that you have full coverage auto insurance. This ensures that their investment is protected if something happens to your vehicle.

As you can see, there are many reasons why full coverage auto insurance is the best option in Elmer, NJ. If you have questions about this type of insurance or need help finding the right policy for your needs, contact Sloan Insurance Agency today.

New Jersey Car Insurance — Tips to Prevent Car Theft

When you drive a car in New Jersey, you have several concerns on your mind. One of those concerns is theft. You worry about theft of your belongings, theft of the vehicle, theft overall. There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself here.

They are all things that insurance companies like you doing as well. At Sloan Insurance Agency, we want Elmer, NJ residents to have peace of mind over their assets. Take measures to make sure that your car won’t be stolen by implementing safety and security tips.

Use a Steering Wheel Lock

A car alarm is a great idea, but not as helpful as you might think. How many times have you seen passersby helping out when a car alarm goes off? Not often, because they accidentally go off all the time.

A steering wheel lock avoids worrying about the car alarm going off when you can’t detect it. This locks your steering wheel so a thief can’t take the car. You can get a lug nut lock for your wheels as well so that your tires can’t be stolen.

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

We all leave valuables in our car whether it’s a bad idea or not. We get comfortable with our cars, our neighborhoods, our stuff. Leaving valuables in your car is not a good idea.
If you have money, ID, or even jewelry that you need to keep every day, keep it in a bag in your purse or your briefcase. A dash cam in your car shouldn’t be left in your car when you aren’t there. Any tech should be taken out of the car when not in use. Tech is very tempting to thieves in the night.

Get Home Security Cameras

An easy way to protect your car from thieves is to keep security cameras on your car from your home. Park your car under lighting and aim the camera at your car, and you can catch them in the act. You may not deter them unless they know they are there. But you will be closer to catching them than you would be without it.

Secure Your Car Today

At Sloan Insurance Agency, we know Elmer, NJ residents want to keep their cars safe. There is no foolproof method, but these tips will help. And your insurance company will like them. Call us for a quote to find the best auto insurance today.

When should you update your auto policy

Auto insurance gives you confidence. Whenever you get out on the road, you are protected from the financial consequences of an accident, no matter what happens. You have lots of choices regarding who you choose as your insurance carrier and having an agent you trust makes it easier. An independent agency like Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ is one you can trust. We have been helping customers since 1948, and our friendly and professional staff make getting the right insurance policy painless. 

Whenever your auto policy renews, every six months or once a year, you get a copy of your declaration page. Like most people, you probably don’t pay a lot of attention to it, but it is important since it defines your coverage. When you take the time to look it over, you may realize that it is time to update your auto policy. 

Your net worth increases

If you bought your insurance policy when you were young and single, you might not have updated your liability coverage as your situation changed. This can happen yearly or every 5 years, but it makes good financial sense to ensure everything you have worked hard to acquire is protected. 

Your vehicle gets older.

When your vehicle reaches a certain age, the value may decrease so much that it is no longer a good decision to maintain your collision and comprehensive coverage. 

When you add or drop a driver

Adding children to your policy will affect your premium. But of course, once they start driving, you need to add them to your policy, and if they move out, they can be removed. 

When you add or remove a vehicle

You must add a new car to your policy to get it registered in most states, and if you sell a vehicle, it can be removed. 

When you are looking for auto insurance, Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ is here to help. Let us find you the coverage you need at a price you will appreciate.