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4 Add-ons to Consider for Your Boat Insurance

When you own a boat in Elmer, NJ, the last thing you would want is an accident. Unfortunately, boating accidents are common, and that is why you need boat insurance from Sloan Insurance Agency. While boat insurance is superb, all coverages aren’t created equal. As such, here are add-ons or endorsements you should consider for your boat insurance:

  • Umbrella insurance: Are you a high-net-worth individual? Your status may attract lawsuits, putting your assets in jeopardy. That said, you need to invest in umbrella insurance to cover liability claims exceeding boat insurance. Umbrella insurance protects your assets and future income when you face significant claims beyond your boat insurance.
  • Uninsured boater insurance: If you have auto insurance, this insurance rings a familiar bell. Uninsured boater insurance protects you in hit-and-run scenarios and instances when you are hit by a boater who doesn’t have boat insurance. And given that boat insurance isn’t required in New Jersey, you will find many boaters without this coverage, making uninsured boater insurance a must-have policy.
  • Fuel spillage coverage: Federal law requires boaters to clean any oil spills, whether due to an accident or a sloppy oil change. In a bid to conserve the environment and avoid federal penalties, invest in fuel spillage coverage to clean off accidental oil spills.
  • Medical payments coverage: Even if you have health insurance, you need MedPay coverage to cover out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your health insurance. Plus, MedPay covers the passengers, regardless of who was at fault for the accident.

Need watercraft insurance in Elmer, NJ? Whether you use your boat to fish, sail, or cruise, you must invest in boat insurance to protect yourself and the vessel. Talk to Sloan Insurance Agency today, and we will help you purchase boat insurance that meets your unique needs.

What to Know about Boat Insurance

New Jersey has a ton of boats, and with that, a lot of boat owners. If you are one of those boat owners, you will want to look after your boat as well as possible and make sure your boat is covered against any type of incident or damage.  

If you want a call about boat insurance and your options, or perhaps even renew boat insurance that you already have, call Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ. We will discuss quotes from our different providers and walk you through them every step of the way. We service the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Boat insurance coverage

Boat insurance can be fairly comprehensive, and provide coverage for you and your boat for many things. This helps you ensure you can enjoy your boat freely. Some of this coverage includes:

  • Damage to your boat or to items that are on the boat. 
  • Damage or injury to other boats or other people. These damages and injuries can apply to other people who visit your boat, but this can also apply to people on other boats you are in an accident with. 
  • If your boat is stolen or items on your boat are stolen, you can be covered against theft. 

A lot of people might rely on their home insurance if you have boat storage insurance added to your home insurance. This doesn’t always mean you are covered by the above possibilities.

Boat insurance can take all the worries out of your boat trips and lets you enjoy your boat. If you want to discuss boat insurance or review boat insurance you have with us, call, you can call Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ, or request a quote here.

Why do I need boat insurance in Elmer?

The Elmer, NJ area can be a great place to live, especially during the year’s summer months. Once the weather turns warm, there are plenty of local waterways that people can enjoy. To ensure that you can enjoy this area as much as possible, it would be a good option to invest in a boat. Along with the purchase of your boat, you also need to get a boat insurance plan. You need this coverage for a few different reasons. 

Insurance Protects Boat

A key reason you will need to get a boat insurance plan when you are in New Jersey is that it can protect your boat. Your boat will come with a big investment through your purchase price and ongoing costs of maintenance. If you choose a full boat insurance plan, you will properly cover and protect this investment. 

Insurance Needed in Some Areas

You will also want to get a boat insurance plan as it can be necessary for people in certain areas. Those who want to use certain marinas and various waterways could find specific requirements to maintain boat insurance. If you do not have coverage, you may not be permitted to use your boat in these areas. This insurance is required as it ensures others that you will have the capacity to pay for any damages that you cause. 

If you purchase a boat in the Elmer, NJ area, it would be a good idea for you to call the Sloan Insurance Agency. The team with the Sloan Insurance Agency understands the value that this insurance coverage provides. They can do this by working hard to assess your individual situation and provide the support you need to build an ideal plan for your situation. 

Is Boat Insurance Required in New Jersey?

It is a beautiful time of the year. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. And the water is calling. New Jersey boat owners are gearing up for days on the water. Before hitting the shore, though, make sure you have the coverage you need for your watercraft with Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ.

Boats are treated a bit differently than automobiles in pretty much every state. Like other locations, Elmer, NJ does not require boat owners to carry insurance. Required or not, though, you should seriously consider having boat insurance to protect yourself and your boat if the worst should happen.

Boat Coverage Options

Also, like automobiles, boats have several coverage types to choose from:

  • Liability coverage
  • Property coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Uninsured watercraft coverage
  • Guest liability coverage
  • Theft coverage

When choosing the coverage types you want, consider more than the boat itself. You also need to factor in any extra equipment you keep on your boat, such as diving or fishing gear. You might need additional coverage for those items.

Before You Insure:

There are a couple of steps you should take before you decide to purchase insurance.

Check Your Homeowner’s Policy

Some, though not all, homeowner’s insurance policies also cover the owner’s additional items, such as boats. Check your current homeowner’s policy to see what- if anything- it covers in regards to your boat.

Be Sure To Register

New Jersey residents are required to register a boat prior to insuring it. Taking the time to register before applying for insurance can save you some time.

If you have any further questions or are ready for your free, no-obligation quote, give Sloan Insurance Agency a call or stop by today! We look forward to helping you with your boat coverage needs so you can enjoy the water without worry.