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Sloan Insurance Agency answers 5 FAQs about classic car insurance

A classic car is special. It’s one of a kind. You need insurance that’s just as unique.

Sloan Insurance Agency knows this more than most. Serving Elmer, NJ, our agency can help you find the right classic car insurance by answering these five common questions.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is created specifically for vintage car owners. Although these features are comparable to traditional auto insurance policies, available options are quite different.

How is classic car insurance different?

A significant difference is that classic car insurance uses a designation called "agreed valued coverage." This means that you and an agent determine your car’s value when purchasing a policy. This value is typically set after a professional appraisal.

What types of cars are covered?

Classic car insurance is usually broken into three categories: antique, exotic, and custom. However, custom or modified vehicles can be tricky since these alternations can both add or detract from a vehicle’s value. A car’s age also impacts available coverage.

Is my car eligible?

Only certain cars qualify. In addition to fitting into one of the above groups, there may be other eligibility restrictions too. Most importantly, a vehicle must not be your primary vehicle to be insured as a classic car.

How much does classic car insurance cost?

Rates will fluctuate depending on a car’s make, model, and mileage. But, as a general rule, classic car insurance is less expensive than regular auto insurance. This is because classic cars spend less time on the road and more time stored in a garage.

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