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What is Contractors Insurance and Why Do you need it?

Working in the construction industry or as a tradesman can be inherently risky with the business owner potentially being liable for damage and injuries that occur at the job site. Carrying contractor insurance helps protect your business from the financial repercussions resulting from work-related incidents. Contractors insurance is designed for trades like construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrician, landscaper, painter, and handyman. Not only does contractors’ insurance protect the individual from potentially devastating financial implications, but also it is often a requirement of employers before they’ll hire you to work a job. 

Although a policy can be customized for your individual needs, basic policies include general liability and commercial auto insurance coverage. If you employ others then you will likely need to have workers’ compensation insurance to cover any workplace injuries or illnesses. In short, contractor’s insurance helps limit your overall liability exposure by covering expenses such as injuries or damage sustained by a client or at their property that you or your business are deemed responsible for. With contractors insurance, there is no such thing as one size fits all so be sure to work with a reputable insurance agency to customize a policy that best meets your needs.

At Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ we are New Jersey’s premier provider for all your insurance needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of insurance professionals is ready to answer your questions and is committed to taking the time to learn your needs so that a policy can be customized to meet your expectations. Whether you are in the market for contractor’s insurance or just have questions, we are ready to help so give us a call today or stop by our conveniently located office to learn more.