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What to Know about Boat Insurance

New Jersey has a ton of boats, and with that, a lot of boat owners. If you are one of those boat owners, you will want to look after your boat as well as possible and make sure your boat is covered against any type of incident or damage.  

If you want a call about boat insurance and your options, or perhaps even renew boat insurance that you already have, call Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ. We will discuss quotes from our different providers and walk you through them every step of the way. We service the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Boat insurance coverage

Boat insurance can be fairly comprehensive, and provide coverage for you and your boat for many things. This helps you ensure you can enjoy your boat freely. Some of this coverage includes:

  • Damage to your boat or to items that are on the boat. 
  • Damage or injury to other boats or other people. These damages and injuries can apply to other people who visit your boat, but this can also apply to people on other boats you are in an accident with. 
  • If your boat is stolen or items on your boat are stolen, you can be covered against theft. 

A lot of people might rely on their home insurance if you have boat storage insurance added to your home insurance. This doesn’t always mean you are covered by the above possibilities.

Boat insurance can take all the worries out of your boat trips and lets you enjoy your boat. If you want to discuss boat insurance or review boat insurance you have with us, call, you can call Sloan Insurance Agency in Elmer, NJ, or request a quote here.