Boat/Watercraft Insurance in New Jersey

If you're among the 200,000 or so boat owners in New Jersey, there's a good chance you view your watercraft as an integral part of life. Whether you use your boat for fishing trips or family gatherings, Atlantic Ocean adventures or you stick to the Elmer, NJ area's many inland bodies of water, your boat provides many fun and unforgettable days out on the water.

So let's make sure it'll continue to do so. By getting the boat/watercraft insurance you need now, you don't have to worry about suddenly facing a huge financial loss if your boat gets involved in an accident or some other kind of damaging event.

New Jersey Boat Insurance Laws

Here in the Garden State, all boats must have proper insurance in order to be registered. Likewise, all boats longer than 12 feet must be registered with the state Motor Vehicle Commission. If you rent or lease your boat, you will most likely also be required to carry insurance.

The state has different liability coverage minimums for different types of watercraft, so it's important to know exactly which category your vessel falls into. That said, you will also want to consider carefully what kind of traffic and water conditions your boat will be in to know what kind of coverage you need.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

It's important to realize that even if you regularly store boat insurance on your home property (as many Elmer, NJ boat owners do), your homeowner's policy most likely will provide only minimal coverage for your boat, if at all. In order to have liability coverage out on the waterways, your watercraft needs its own boat insurance policy. Here's what your policy can cover (that you'd otherwise end up paying out of pocket for):

  • Property Damage (to the boat itself, but may also extend to possessions within the boat)/li>
  • Boat Passenger Liability
  • Bodily Injury / Medical Payment Coverage
  • Theft

At Sloan Insurance Agency, we're happy to sit down with you and discuss all your boat coverage needs. When you're ready to learn more, give us a call!