Condo Insurance in New Jersey

You worked hard to purchase a condo in Elmer, NJ, and now you get to see the fruits of your labor. Don’t you want to protect your investment?

Many homeowners save money and thoroughly research the buying process only to fall short when it comes to insurance. Purchasing your condo is not the finish line, however. You need an indemnity plan to cover accidents as well as natural disasters in New Jersey. The representatives of Sloan Insurance Agency can work with you to help you carve out the perfect assurance plan.

Why do you need condo insurance?

Some condominium owners in New Jersey bypass the opportunity to purchase insurance for their dwelling space because they believe the property insurance, they pay for through homeowner’s association fees covers the inside of their home.

Homeowner’s association fees do not pay for incidents inside of your home. You can certainly rely on the property assurance plan to pay if a family member or friends sustains an injury on the premises. You will need a policy of your own, however, if they slip and fall inside of your home.

How much condo insurance do you need?

The best condo insurance plans offer coverage for your personal possessions as well as protection when things inside of your walls go awry. You may also want to purchase an additional assurance policy for floods and other natural disasters as most standard policies do not cover such incidents. You may have to pay for the majority, if not all, repairs out-of-pocket if your condo does not have proper insurance in Elmer, NJ.

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