Motorcycle Insurance in New Jersey

There's no better feeling of freedom then being on top of a motorcycle and driving on a two-lane highway. Other riders choose to use their bikes as their main source of transportation traveling around town. And much like an automobile, you will need some form of insurance to ride your motorcycle. The coverage is very similar to car insurance as it offers protection for motorcycle damage and possible bodily injuries that occurs in an accident.

Coverage Options Inside a Standard Motorcycle Insurance Policy

A standard motorcycle insurance policy does have multiple coverage options that can be added on upon request. Some of the more popular choices include collision, comprehensive and personal injury protection. Collision covers all damage done to the motorcycle after you have paid the deductible from the policy agreement. Comprehensive coverage protects all damage done by circumstances other than a road accident. Many owners use this coverage for protection against theft, but a deductible is also applied before payout. Personal injury protection covers all medical expenses for injuries sustained by passengers, pedestrians and yourself regardless of who is at fault for the accident. This is a very popular coverage option due to the high accident rate for motorcycles today.

Why Having Motorcycle Liability Insurance is Smart

New Jersey state law requires all motorcycle riders to have some level of liability coverage on their insurance policy before heading out on the road. This will help with covering all expenses if others are injured or if the motorcycle was damaged in a road accident. Many bike owners choose to have additional liability coverage to protect themselves and their assets in a possible lawsuit over an accident dispute. Also, this extra coverage helps to pay for all legal costs and possible lawsuit settlements.

Whether you're enjoying a long outdoor ride or storing your motorcycle away for the winter, everyone needs peace of mind when it comes to protecting their ride. Come on in and speak with an agent from Sloan Insurance Agency of Elmer, NJ as they know the special needs of motorcycle riders. Learn how motorcycle insurance can protect you out on the road.